Connecting Work Culture to Political Culture

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This is a reproduction of a note I sent to the Paperchain team this week.

BTW. If you would like to participate in tomorrow’s Climate Strike Marches - you have my support. Just let me know if you will be attending the march.

It’s tricky to connect politics with work culture. Although I believe every decision we make in work culture and business is a political decision.

The general political culture I’d like instilled within Paperchain, through word and action, is one that acknowledges the humanity and agency of everyone.

Denial of climate science fails to recognize the humanity and agency of the people who will most greatly suffer the consequences of catastrophic climate change, in particular Indigenous, Black and People of Color around the world.

We may disagree on specific policy action that can achieve progress, but if we start with that acknowledgement at our core, we will all be working toward a similar vision.